Leicestershire has its fair share of rich history, picturesque countryside and elegant villages providing the perfect setting for the 45 Gin School. Nestled in the majestic Charnwood Forest, our distillery is located just outside the quaint village of Nanpantan an area with the lavish countryside and natural beauty that Leicestershire has become famous for. Our state-of-the-art distillation equipment is housed at Bawdon Lodge Farm and is also the home of Burleighs London Dry Gin.


Included in your 45 Gin School Experience is a tour of our working distillery, offering you a unique insight into the world of a master distiller . As part of the Gin School experience you will have the  chance to meet Jamie Baxter and find out what it takes to produce craft distiller Gin on our beautiful 450 litre copper pot still , Messy Bessy.



Gin would not be gin without botanicals. There are over 120 different botanical ingredients that can be used in making gin. Each gin has its own secret recipe and most recipes contain no less than four and no more than twelve botanicals.


Although it may be shared which botanicals are used in a particular gin, ultimately their infusion and proportions remain a secret of the master distiller.


The only legally required botanical is Juniper berries and this should be the predominant flavour. Other botanicals fall into different groups such as Spicy, Floral or Herbal . Some botanicals have characteristics that carry across more than other groups. It is a harmonious blend of thoughtfully selected botanicals that makes a well-balanced, tasty gin.



Whether you prefer floral, citrus, herbal or spicy notes, you will learn how to create your own bespoke and unique gin using botanicals of your choice. Weighing your botanicals is a crucial part of the distilling process and determines the end result, Jamie will guide you on quantities to ensure you can fully appreciate the delicate flavours of your gin.



You’ll distil your gin in one of our hand-crafted Portuguese pot stills, made from copper for a smoother flavour.  Your mini still will be your best friend for the afternoon and once it’s at the right temperature you’ll need to fill it with your chosen botanicals and let the distillation process begin. Whilst your creation bubbles away infusing the spirit with your chosen flavours, sit back, relax and enjoy a Burleighs Gin & Tonic.



Once your creation has been distilled, you’ll get the opportunity to check out the strength of your gin, gaining approval from our master distiller. You’ll then bottle and seal your 70cl bottle before adding a personalised label ready to take home!

The Collection Yard,
Bawdon Lodge farm, Nanpantan Road, Leicestershire.
LE12 9YE


0116 278 8492